30-Day Squat Challenge

What?! It’s Spring already?! Time to get that booty ready for bathing suit season 😉  Although that is a great motivation, we just want you all to be healthy! Obviously, one part of being healthy is getting consistent with exercise and forming a habit. That’s where a 30-day challenge comes into play!

Squats – Form, form, form

If you’ve ever considered doing a 30-day challenge, the squat challenge is a good one to start with or to add to your current exercise habits. It can be aerobic as well as strength training. It also makes you more comfortable with squats, which are some of the best leg exercises, assuming you do them correctly. That’s where we come in. First, read the blog entry that describes squat form, Squats: Love ’em or hate ’em? It’s important that you don’t feel knee pain, back pain, or any joint pain when performing squats. If you have joint pain, it means your form needs to change. Contact us with specific questions.

30-day Challenge

You’ll find quite a few different options for 30 days of squats. Here is our preference for the number of squats per day and when to take rest days. Rest days are key. As you get into the higher numbers, remember that you don’t have to do all the squats in one set or one sitting. You can do a half in the morning and half at night, you can do 10 each hour, whatever works for you (as long as you can keep track ;)).

If you get tired of doing squats the same way everyday, you can change it up. We will be posting different ideas on Instagram, follow us @FLEXtrainingSD. Here are a couple of ideas how to use a stability ball to change the exercise. The first picture is a squat with the stability ball against the wall, the second is much more challenging using the stability ball for a single leg squat (shown below, respectively).


When you complete the 30-day challenge, you should feel like your butt muscles, leg muscles and even your core muscles are toned up! However, after the 30-day challenge, you should change it up. When you’re in the routine of setting aside time to exercise almost everyday, then you can add in some new exercises. Contact us with any questions.