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Thanksgiving with a Healthy POV

Next week is Thanksgiving, a holiday that revolves around rich, heavy, comfort-food. How do we prepare for and survive this holiday?! Ok, it’s not that dramatic… Here’s a helpful statistic to keep in mind: “When National Institutes of Health researchers looked into the oft-repeated claims that most people pack on five or more pounds between Thanksgiving […]

Strength Training Pop Quiz

Reading Women’s Health this month there was a great, one-question pop quiz in the fitness section. Let’s see if you know the answer and the reason behind the answer.

“Pop Quiz!

Which strength training strategy yields the best results from one workout to the next?

A. Doing the same number of reps with the same amount of weight

B. […]

Alcohol And Your Diet

Alcohol… yes, it is something we ingest, so if you drink it, it is a part of your diet. However, most alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor) are NOT required to have a label that lists calories or ingredients. This can be frustrating for anyone (hopefully, everyone) who likes to know what they are putting in […]

Volunteer AND Get Some Exercise

If you are looking for a way to give back and also get a little exercise, you should check out Girls on the Run (GOTR). It is an awesome organization that works with 3rd through 8th grade girls and inspires them to be “joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You may have noticed more pink than normal, even NFL players are wearing pink shoes and gloves. The idea is to remind women how important it is do monthly self-exams. Breast cancer is usually treatable when detected early. The 5-year survival rate is 98%.  (earlydetectionplan.org)

There […]

Don’t Fall For These 12 Workout MYTHS

There is A LOT of information floating around about exercise, diet, and what it means to be “healthy”. I understand! It’s hard to know what is fact, what is outdated, and what is just plain myth. Here is a great list of the most common workout myths and what is the actual truth of the […]

FLEX Training teams forming for a race in October

Do you need a new fitness goal? There are teams forming for a race in October! Either you can join the race or come cheer us on to get some new-found motivation (it is always very motivating to see hundreds of people get up early and compete in a race, any race) or be a […]

August Ab Challenge – Week 4

Last week of the ab challenge! Keep up that motivation! Continue adding a serving of veggies and fruit so we can trim up that waist line, as well as make it stronger with exercise.

Here is the new 5 minute workout for week 4, which is Saturday the 22nd to Friday the 28th.


August Ab Challenge – Week 3

Who’s feeling stronger abs? Did you remember to add an extra serving of vegetables and fruits? We’ve got to eat good to show off those ab muscles!

Here is the new 5 minute workout for week 3. If you started the challenge on the 1st, your week 3 starts Monday the 15th. If you started […]

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