Balance for a Better Core

Core strength or ab strength isn’t just about doing sit-ups or planks. A great way to work your core is by balancing. If you balance on one foot and keep your stomach tight, it is strengthening not just your abs (i.e., your abdominal muscles) but also your internal belt, known as your TVA or transverse abdominus. Strengthening your abs, obliques and TVA is the best way to get a really strong core that will support you day-in and day-out.

Try balancing through out the day, while your standing in line somewhere or cooking or waiting for a light at a street corner. It doesn’t have to be some huge move where you try to lift your knee up to hip height, all you have to do is lift one foot slightly off the ground and tighten your stomach at the same time. I say “all you have to do is lift one foot” but sometimes that can be challenging in itself. So take it slow, but then build on. Maybe you can only stand on one foot for a few seconds, maybe you can hold it for a minute. Find your challenging time and then you can add on. You can try moving the lifted foot or leg, out in front of you or behind you or to the side, all while keeping your stomach tight. Make sure to do an even amount of time balancing on each leg.

The next level of balancing, is balancing on your hands. This is obviously not something that you can do anywhere 😉 However, if you do start focusing on handstands or headstands, you’ll realize how much core is involved. Some people think it is all arm strength, but really the majority of the strength comes from your core.

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