Consistency Is Key

“Consistency Is Key” can apply to so many things… Shockingly, we are applying it to fitness. Whether you have New Year’s goals or are just always striving to be more healthy and/or fit, consistency is one of the most important aspects.

One (big) problem, it’s hard to be consistent in an ever-changing world. Second (minor) problem, consistency sometimes becomes boring.

To overcome the first problem, we need to keep our task or goals somewhat generic. Instead of saying, “I need to strength train every Tuesday and do cardio every Thursday.” You might make it a priority to get in 3 workouts per week, but schedule what and when they are on a weekly basis. ¬†Instead of saying, “I’ll only go out to eat once a week, on Saturday nights.” You might say that you can go out to eat 4 times during a month – in case a friend has their birthday lunch on a Wednesday.

To overcome the second problem, you need to realize why you want to get healthy and how serious you are about being healthy. It definitely helps having that clear picture to give you a little extra motivation if you start feeling bored. There are lots of other ideas about changing up your exercises, finding a workout buddy, finding a personal trainer, finding a new activity; but it ultimately comes down to wanting to be healthy as a lifestyle.

I have to give credit to one of my amazing clients for this topic. Not only do I try to motivate them, but they help me come up with thought provoking topics. Much love to ya LaVonne.

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