Forward Fold to Freedom

What is one stretch that can help your back (especially low-back), hips, hamstrings, neck?




Here is your mission, if you choose to accept it: 1 minute forward fold after waking up and before going to bed, everyday.

Forward Fold

A forward fold is best done standing, but you can also sit down on the ground if standing is too intense. Standing with feet hip distance apart, keep a soft bend in your knees, drop your chin to your chest and roll down your spine reaching for the ground with your hands. Keep weight even in your feet (i.e., not forward in your toes but centered over the arches of your feet). Keep shoulders and neck relaxed with chin to chest.

If you have trouble balancing, you can keep your backside against a wall with your heels away from the wall.

During your minute long stretch continue taking steady deep breaths while keeping neck and shoulders relaxed.

When standing back up, generously bend your knees. Try to stand up using the back of your legs instead of just your back. Keep chin tucked, roll up your spine, roll shoulder back at the top and lift your head last.

You will feel amazing after doing this for a few days, keep it up for a week or, better yet, a month to make it a habit.


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