May Cardio Challenge

Let’s do a May Cardio Challenge! We’ve done this challenge the past few years, it’s a great motivation for getting summer ready!

The Challenge: DO 45min to 1hr of sustained cardio 3 times per week. Cardio means getting your heart rate up! Shoot for 120-135bpm at least. Walking, hiking or biking hills, running, stairmaster, elliptical, swimming. 

Keeping score: Join the May Cardio Challenge group on Facebook. IF you want to brag a little, or just keep yourself accountable, feel free to weigh in at the beginning, measure your waistline, or even take a photo at the beginning and end and post your stats. Feel free to share photos in this group. Keep everyone on their toes by posting during your cardio workout or after with a blurb on what you did, and how you felt. Feel free to take and post pics of yourself or friends rocking their cardio sessions!

What if you’re not ready for 45 minutes of cardio?

It’s called cardio, cardiorespiratory training, using your aerobic pathways… basically, getting your heart rate up for extended periods of time. But how do you start? How do you build up safely? How do you go from running around the block, to running a mile, to running 3 miles, etc? I came across a great article that discusses this topic. It is specific to running, but it can apply to walking, bike riding, hiking, rowing, swimming. Whatever your cardio of choice is for the day, use it to increase your aerobic base by building up, adding mileage, adding time, adding on safely.

The Secret Sauce to Building Your Aerobic Base

Feel free to post your comments here or on the Facebook group page or contact us directly.

Good luck and get moving!

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