May – Health Awareness Month

“May we all be healthy and well” (IDEA Fitness Journal)

We have a May Cardio Challenge this month which goes along with this theme. May is a great month to focus on your health!! Here are all of the healthy events that are “celebrated” in May:

  • National Physical Fitness and Sports Month – “Aim to make small changes, like walking after dinner, going on bike rides or taking advantage of community gymnasiums.” (Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RD, FAAP, ACE senior adviser for healthcare solutions) (IDEA)
  • National Mental Health Month – “If you’ve been looking for extra motivation to get moving, exercise can help you feel better and improve your overall outlook on life… Take the stairs, walk at lunch and make walking a default mode of transportation.” (Pete McCall, ACE Certified Personal Trainer) (IDEA)
  • Global Employee Health and Fitness Month – “There are countless benefits to workplace wellness, including better employee engagement and productivity, reduced employee absenteeism and an increase in
    [the] overall health and well-being of employees.” (Marlon Coutee, ACE Certified Health Coach) (IDEA)
  • National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month – “Continual movement of bones, joints and muscles can prevent, manage and improve many health ailments associated with older age.” (IDEA)

Is this enough motivation to get moving? One more… summer is right around the corner! 😉

Contact us with any questions or any ways we can help you focus on your health and fitness.

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Our personal trainers tailor dynamic, functional exercise programs to meet all fitness levels. We don’t pre-script workouts, we assess how you’re feeling, how you’re moving on a day by day basis and then build routines from there to help you meet your fitness goals.
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May We All Be Healthy and Well. IDEA Fitness Journal 14.5, May 2017: 5. Print

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