Thanksgiving Day Stretches

Yes, Thanksgiving Day STRETCHES.

Stretches that help with digestion, just in case you eat a little too much on Thanksgiving 😉

Supine Knee Squeeze

Lying on your back (btw, that is what supine means), hug one knee in toward your chest then wide toward your armpit. Extend other leg straight on the ground, pressing the back of your knee towards the ground. Make sure to relax your shoulder blades down to the ground and even lengthen the back of your neck towards the ground. Hold for at least 1 minute on each side. See pictures below.


Back Rotation Stretch

Lying on your left side, bend knees up toward your chest and keep knees stacked. Open your right arm like a book as far as it will go while keeping your knees stacked, it doesn’t have to touch the ground though. Look towards the right hand to stretch your neck. Try to relax into this position and let gravity help stretch your spine and your top shoulder. Hold for at least 1 minute on each side. See pictures below.


These stretches help with digestion by massaging your internal organs. Most rotational stretches will give you the same benefits.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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